Temporal Forces Hit Rotation Case Break (TBC)


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In this Group Box Break, we will be opening 216 Pokémon Boosters Packs of:

  • Temporal Forces (216 packs)

A hit rotation break is when you will be randomly assigned a rotational spot. When we pull our first hit the person in spot #1 will get that card and the second hit will go to #2 and so on. When we get to the end of the rotation we will go back up to spot #1. Hits are cards which are Double Rares (ex cards) or better which means anything that is a an ex card or better incl Illustration Rare etc.

Your spot number will be randomized and you will be assigned your spot before the first pack is opened.

Holos, Reverse Holos, Bulk and Code Cards will be kept MADE Collectables

You acknowledge by purchasing this product that it will be opened on a live stream at https://www.twitch.tv/madeoflucy and once opened it cannot be refunded. Shipping is not included and must be purchased separately or at a later date when you are ready for us to ship your items (together with any another live breaks you may have purchased).

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