Limited Edition Mega Capacity 9 Pocket Zip Binder

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Is your collection bursting at the seams? We hear you.

What we have here is a product of the TCG community – the people have been demanding more storage capacity and for gold to make a return. We're excited to provide an answer to this, the best way we know how.

Welcome to the Limited Edition MEGA Capacity Zip Binder.

Our Limited Edition MEGA Capacity 9 Pocket Zip Binder features twice the amount of card storage, with 40 premium side-loading pages capable of accommodating up to 720 trading cards. The pages are archival-safe, made from acid-free non-PVC plastics. And that's not all!

The new Limited Edition MEGA Capacity Zip Binders feature a classy black PU leather cover finished with gold accents along with our classic microfibre cover bag, which combine to create a stunning home for your collectables.


  • Smooth PU leather water resistant exterior, with gold accents
  • Durable steel zip closure with gold finish
  • 40 Side-loading premium TCG pages (720 individual slots)
  • Polyester felt inside cover
  • Archival-safe, non-PVC acid-free pockets

This binder is suitable for standard size TCG cards, such as Pokemon.

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